Marshalling & Race Organisers



I don't suppose there are too many race marshalls who read this forum? Anyhow for any marshalls or race organisers reading this I think, in general, you guys do a great job. ;D Where the organisers find you all I've no idea. Most of you are not cyclists but you still give us your support. Without you there wouldn't BE any races. You're out there in all weathers, wind. hot sun, whatever, giving the riders encouragement, looking after our safety. ;D ;D ;D

Which is my main point. Last October, in a 105km event, with only about 100 metres to the finish line there was a small inter crossing (which had right of way) AND A MISSING MARSHALL!!! :eek: I was feeling good, it was a slight downhill, and I'm sprinting for about 500th place, putting on a show for my fans! ::) Needless to say a car comes from the right at a fast speed. :eek: My onboard built-in mental computer quickly calculates speeds, angles, velocity, braking, stopping speeds and states that I am in a no win situation. :eek: Last I remember is being in a monumental skid! Then being taken to hospital with a pelvis fractured in 3 places and a broken right arm. And for anyone who hasn't experienced it, a broken pelvis is an EXTREMELY painful experience! :'(

When we enter races we sign indemnity and accept certain risks inherent in the sport. Wheels touching, riders in front falling, wet roads etc etc. BUT MISSING MARSHALLS ARE NOT AN ACCEPTABLE RISK! :mad: :mad: :mad:
Please, when you take on the job of organising or marshalling, remember that you are ethically responsible for the riders lives. I could quite easily be dead or paralysed to day. (Incidentally, except for this one event I could not fault the organisation or marshalling in this particular race.) Marshalls should NEVER EVER leave their post until properly stood down or relieved by the organisers or the cut-off time has expired. (Otherwise they should be put before a firing squad!!!) ;D

Also what would have been my legal position if the car driver, who had right of way in the absence of a marshall, had rolled his car or killed someone avoiding me? Do organisers carry insurance for this sort of thing?

Anyhow, I'm going to be OK (think positive!) ;) and I hold no grudges against anyone. As I've said I think you guys do a good job in what is often a thankless task. But please BE AWARE at all times.
I fully agree!
Marshalls receive all kinds of abuse from motorists, especially when there's road closure. During the 94.7, I saw a marshall and a motorist pointing fingers in each others faces. They do good work and deserve alot of credit.

btw, glad you're still with us, Old Timer ;) That experience with the car could'nt of been pleasant! Eina!
Agreed OldTimer. But must say that some cyclists might want to at least thank the marshalls. I did a race yesterday and realised that in our bunch, only my brother-in-law and myself were thanking the marshalls and traffic officers. Being a runner, my brother-in-law commented on it and we got some rude answers from the bunch. Needless to say, we left the bunch and rode on our own.

Unfriendly cyclists remember, you pay for the race but the marshalls do their duty for free, NO CAHRGE. What does it cost to thank a marshall.

If you're a marshall, thank you for offering your Sunday to cycling and for keeping our lives safe.