Marzocchi MX Pro w/ETA: Oil Levels?

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The user manual says 140 cc in each side.

I've got two problems with that:
1) On the air side, 140cc fills it up just about all the way. Doesn't seem
right somehow... Or is having the tube all the way into the stanchion
the diff?

2) On the spring side, they also say 140cc. What's the probability that
the spring assembly displaces exactly the same volume as the ETA cartridge?

I've got a feeling that too much oil ===> blown seals.

Finally, has anybody got a trick for torquing down the ETA side foot bolt.
No prob on the spring side - a 12 wrench on the top of the spring assembly
holds it in place.

But on the ETA side, there's nothing to tighten against except for that little
4 mm adjuster bolt - and with a socket on that, the torque wrench's socket
cannot be applied...