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    I'm looking for track cycling books specific to the Match Sprint. I've seen numerous books on every type of training but this type. Are any published? If anyone can direct me I'd appreciate it.

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    I got my hands on this a few years ago, they were sucessful


    At this coaching course we will give you the information available to us, together with concrete examples of methods used by top East German riders.


    The structure used to develop juniors and children in sports schools will remain but many coaches will become unemployed throughout the clubs and associations of East Germany, A great percentage of which have studied in the Sports Academy in Liepzig. The future of the sport is a little uncertain at the moment but much of the existing structure will remain. Many of our coaches have gone overseas to take up coaching posts in other counties, but we in Germany must look forward optimistically to the future and the reunification and problems that the reorganisation will bring. We will continue to have International coaching clinics in the future to pass on the knowledge we have gained for the benefit of other cycling countries interested in the East German method of training cyclists.
    I am the coach of Mikeal Hubner. Mikeal contacted me first in 1975 when he was 16 and again in 1977 when he was 18 and already he could be judged an athlete. As a junior he had a high level of performance but at this time there were two or three riders better than him. But he was always resected as a very clever rider. He also wasted his time with other things besides sport and didn¡¦t agree with his coach sometimes, normal things for a youth to do and achievement as a cyclist was not a high priority for him. During this period he became more determined (1977-79)
    When his sister became a world champion as a swimmer and his father said that Mikeal would never become a would champion. Mikeal became more dedicated and reached the level of the best riders and became good friends and training partners with Lutz Heslish. Six years later in Colorado Hubner became world chmpion.


    1977 18500 junior 11.6 140kg
    1980 19000 10.6 180kg
    1984 15000 11.0 concrete 180kg
    1988 15000 10.1 220kg
    1990 16500 9.9 240/250kg
    1990 Bill Huck 190kg

    An important test of strength commonly used in Germany is the two legged triple jump measured together to give total distance, This is done 3-4 times per year to show any improvement in strength eg.

    HUBNER 10 metres
    HESLICH 9.5 metres
    HUCK 8.5 metres

    High aerobic mileage is the foundation for all track Sprinters in direct relationship to strength (weights) and leg speed (revolutions) together with overall development. We have covered strength testing and we must also test for speed. This should be carried out on a free running ergometer (no load).
    Eg. A sprinter should be able to pedal at 190-220 rpm on the track and be capable of 260 to 270 on the erg over six seconds. It is important to keep detailed records to evaluate progress over the years.
    It is important for the coach to know the specific motor ability of a rider if he is to reach a certain level of performance.
    In order to achieve a 10.0-second sprint the athlete must be able to pedal on an ergometer at 260 to 270 rpm on a gear of 90 to 94. Normal speed on a track is between 160-170 because of the resistance of wind and friction that has to be overcome.
    It is important to consider and compare the development of a single rider and any comparisons with other riders tests is only a matter of interest. As tests do not tell the whole story. Therefore development must be on an individual basis.

    Record Progress: Research Results

    If you know the past: You know what you have to do in the future, Hubner is now planning(1990) for the world champs in 1993, on his way to his goals he has to be able to handle Keirin Racing this year. So allowances must be made in his preparation, look at his past training, was it good enough for Keirin racing ? If not a suitable plan change musty be put into place to enable him to be competitive in 1991-2-3.
    For sprinters heart rate and Blood pressure have no significance as all training is done at maximum heart rate.
    It is relatively easy to improve a riders sprint time from 11.0 to 10.5 sec than it is to improve from 10.5 to 10.2 secs because of the external forces a sprinter has to overcome.

    It is important to remember when training with someone else, Direct comparisons with other riders should not be made: As preparation and Goals could be different as the emphasis is always placed on long term development. I emphasise that this training program is very general and thus versatile and can be subjected to change as required by existing conditions at the time. Off-season exercises to keep conditions for the new season should consist of:
    Weight training

    Weight training should be done November to February or March. With maximum loading in conjunction with cycling and then carried out all year on a maintenance basis: Expect prior to the major competition period.
    Cyclists must show improvement and be able to handle racing gears not only in competition but also in training.
    Through a complete testing program, progress of a riders development and form can be measured and thus guarantee the success of the training program.
    Explosive strength and maximum strength must dominate the testing figures for sprinters. To develop this strength there are many programs which are now quite different than in 1977. The main thing that is shown an all these programs that maximum strength can only be developed only by maximum efficiency and explosive strength only under high loads with comparititvly fast motion.

    Sprinting strength:
    100 metres flying start 2 x 5
    12 min recovery between rides
    25 min recovery between Sets
    Gear 82-88
    140-160 rpm
    5.6-6.3 time
    Roll off banking start on the finish line
    2 hour session

    Speed Endurance
    Exercise 300 m flying start
    Warm up 20 minimum
    Repetitions 6 x 300 sub maximal
    Gear 82-86 82,82,84,84,86,86
    Leg Speed 135-160 rpm
    Time 16-20 secs
    Start off banking
    2 hour session
    Warm down 20 min

    Speed Strength Endurance:
    Exercise 500 meter flying start
    Repetitions 4-6 Sub maximal
    Time 28.5-35 sec
    Pedal Speed 130-145 rpm
    Gear 84-92
    Recovery 25 min between rides

    Exercise 200 metres behind motor
    Repetitions 3-5 sprints
    Time 10.8 sec
    Gear 82-92
    Recovery 15-20 min
    Off banking to 200 meter line

    Exercise 6 sec Sprints Alactate system Standing start Maximal
    Distance 50-60 meters
    Repetitions 2 x 3 or 2 x 5
    Gear 92-100
    Recovery 5 min between rides
    20 min between Sets
    Time 5.6-6.4 secs

    Speed Endurance:
    Exercise 75 sec Standing Start Sub maximal
    Repetitions 6-8 Times
    Gear 96-108

    Exercise 500 meters
    Repetitions 2 x 5
    Gear 96
    Recovery 15 min

    Warm up 150-200 watts 20 min
    Repetition 6-12
    Exercise 75 sec @ 600-700 watts
    Recovery 15-25 min
    Warm Down 10 min no resistance

    Warm up 20 min (group)
    82 gear
    25-30 kph
    200 meters flying 50-8-70% sub max
    200 metres Flying 80-85%
    200 meters flying 90-100%

    Slow rolling 600 meters between sprints
    Recovery 15-20 min to change gears
    Warm down 10 ¡V20 min

    Maximum test for all exercises at the beginning of the program and at regular period throughout the program.
    Warm up 10 min Running or cycle
    Stretching 15 min
    „« Squats
    70 degrees bends at the knees, breath in and hold until the squat has been completed.
    70% x 10
    80% x 10
    90% x 20
    95% x 5
    „« Bench Press
    80% 3 x 5
    90% 3 x 5
    „« Reverse Bench Press: (Arm pull)
    80% 3 x 5
    90% 3 x 5
    „« Crunchies
    3 x 25
    „« Hyperextensions
    2 x 15

    „« Leg press
    1st Set Slow 90% 2 x 5
    2nd Set Faster 70% 3 x 7
    3rd Set Fastest 60% 3 x 15
    „« Horizontal Row
    1st Set Slow 80% 2 x 5
    2nd Set Faster 56% 3 x 7
    3rd Set Fastest 55% 3 x 15

    In designing a program in a three set work out the last set should be the lighter than the second set, but only just!


    Strength training on the bicycle- 75 sec K2 / 1 Kilometre
    1st Block of training 6-18 km week total
    2nd Block of training 6-28 km week total
    3rd Block of training 6-8 km week total

    3rd Block 3 weeks before the national or big event.

    5th Week of training of the Track
    Monday Weight Training AM
    6 x 75 Track Evening
    Tuesday 60km Road AM
    Weight training PM
    Wednesday 6 x 75 secs
    Thursday 8 x 75 secs
    Friday Weight Training
    Saturday 8 x 7 -5 secs
    Sunday 80km Road

    17th Week of training of the Track
    Monday 3 x 5 km EB
    Tuesday 6 x 500 meters (high lactate)
    Wednesday 6 x 300m
    Thursday 50 km Road
    Friday 5 x 300m
    Saturday 5 x 200m
    Sunday Weight Training
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    Hi There.
    This really is very interesting!
    What happened to weeks 1-4, 6-16 and 18 onwards? Are they repetitions of what is shown here?

    I won't ask how you got you hands on this information...

    Love your work.
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    I think that only a sub set of the full programme was presented, dont want to give all the secrets away.

    This came from course the Germans ran, that a few coaches went to, I managed to get the info through a rider that was coached by one of the coaches that attended, The Pursuit stuff and junior development is also very interesting.
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    Hi John.
    This is probably really cheecky, but what are the chances of you giving out some of the pursuit stuff?
    I am sure that there a bunch of people out there that would be keen to read it. Although, nobody else has asked for it, yet.
    Are you coaching?