Mathilde gros - 3x junior world champion / 11x national champion


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Feb 22, 2017
I recently did an interview with Mathilde Gros, and was amazed at what she told me..

"I was a basketball player training in youth training centre in the south of France. Our strength coach was the BMX strength coach as well. One day, we did our warm up on a wattbike. After 2 sprints I hit 1200 watts. The coach couldn’t believe it so I tried on a different one. Same result. The next September, I moved to the national track cycling centre in Paris."

She has only been cycling for 3 years! She never even mentioned that she has won so many France National championships and is very humble. It was only after someone sent me a message saying she has done more that I looked into her history.. I'm very impressed!

If you want to read my interview:

Has anyone else started the sport so late and been so successful this quick before?
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