Mavic Askium tyres and new shimano 7 speed cassette HELP!!


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Jul 24, 2014
Hi I recently upgraded my wheels to Mavic Askium for my Dawes Giro 300 womens road bike. I wanted to have a complete spare set so have also purchased a new rear cassette (identical to the one currently on my bike). Can I fit this to my new rear wheel? Or do I need a narrower rear hub?Help needed I am very new to this!!
You do not need to retrofit your extra wheel with a "compact" Freehub body ...

You simply need to add a spacer-or-two/(a few?) to take up the ~5 +/- mm (?) difference between the 7-speed Cassette & the width of the Freehub body.

  • you can use spare (as in, "old") Cassette spacers ... you can cut thinner spacers from plastic laundry jugs, or other equivalent semi-hard plastic containers
  • an aluminum soda/beer can is supposedly 0.2mm thick
[*]you can cut a spacer from a piece of PVC tubing (plumbing pipe is sized based on the inner diameter) ...

Ideally, you will orient the new 7-speed Cassette on the 8-/9-speed Freehub so that the Cogs are the same distance from the hub's center line OTHERWISE you may have to tweak the rear derailleur's high-and-low stops each time you change wheels.

BTW. I do not believe that MAVIC has a "compact" Freehub body which can be put onto your Aksium wheelset.

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