Mavic Cosmic carbon



Can anyone help ? I own a set of Mavic cosmic carbon wheels for Campag 9speed. I've got myself a new frame and have started to collect components. I got a 10speed derailieur, as that's that I want to run. What is the solution to convert from 9speed cassette over to 10speed cassette ?
Do you think I need to get an new hub. HELP !!!!

Thanks a lot,
Hi Jon, welcome to the board!

I have an excellent Campy source for you that will most definitely give you the best answer.
Click here to visit the Campy Only website. If you don't find your answer there, click on the Write to Tim Link and pose your question to him.
I must tell you that you will receive an accurate and expert answer from them. The site is updated frequently and has tons of Campy info.

Campy owners, this link will take you to the Campy Only website Main Page. The TechTalk page is loaded with technical info!
Here is some info from the Mavic website itself.

Let us know what feedback they gave you. ;)