Mavic Cosmic Carbones vs. Zipp 404s


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Dec 9, 2007
I wanted to buy a pair of carbon wheels but I wasn't sure which I wanted. I want tubulars because they're lighter and have an awesome ride, ive heard, but they are hard to change if you get a flat or something. My other delima is that I don't know which wheels to get. Ive seen good deals on the carbones for about $1K and ive heard they are very strong and durable, but the zipps are 260g lighter, however only race day wheels and they warp if you hit a pothole. They are also 500-1000 dollars more. So my questions are:

Clinchers or Tubulars
Zipp 404s or Mavic Cosmic Carbones


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Mar 10, 2004
When you say you want carbon wheels, do you mean that you want light wheels or aerodynamic wheels?
Cosmic Carbone SL are basically standard alloy rims with a carbon fairing, so you can ride them as any other wheel. They have a normal alloy braking surface. The downside is that they are relatively heavy. I am happy to commute on them.
With the 404s, you have a lighter wheel with a carbon braking surface. Whether or not they really are as failure-proof as an alloy wheel, I can't comment on, but I wouldn't feel safe on them and consequently would not use them.


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Jul 23, 2003
It depends on the type of person and rider you are. If you're wealthy, by all means, get the Zipps, they are better "racers." If you are a climbing featherweight and/or are counting every gram on both on your bike and body, and are willing to spend the extra dough to get to the base of a climb and then to the top faster, get the Zipps. But if you're not really any of those, then get the Mavics. IMO, the Mavics have a better chance surviving a crash or mishap, will last longer, and are way cheaper. Plus they're clinchers too, so less hassle for you (thought the Zipps come in this variety, too, but it slighlt defeats the purpose of the light-factor). The Zipps are lighter and faster and you pay for it.

Neither is likely to be the limiting factor in your success or failure and look mighty sweet.