Mavic Cosmos rear bearing problem


New Member
May 31, 2002
I have a 2003 Jamis Quest with Mavic Cosmos wheels. The bike and wheels have about 10,000 miles of riding, and the bearings on the rear wheel have started to seize up periodically. If I stop and loosen the quick release on the wheel and re-tighten it, it frees them up for a while. They might be OK for 100 miles or only 10 before the bearings tighten up again. I have no idea what is causing this, and the local shop has not been able to find a cause or solution either. Any ideas as to what may be causing this would be appreciated.

I am also looking for suggestions for a replacement wheelset. The Cosmos wheels have been excellent up until recently. They have stayed true and have had no problems with the substandard road conditions in my area. I would want something that performs at least as well with a better bearing system. I don’t need super lightweight race wheels, but I wouldn’t want heavy touring wheels either. Suggestions for a pre-built wheelset or a rim/hub/spoke combination would be appreciated.