Mavic Ksyrium SSC SL Adjustment


New Member
Jul 17, 2002
Hi there, just got a pair of new mavic ssc sl with these new adjustable bearings, they are supossed to be adjusted from the manufacturer, but was wondering about how to know when they out of adjustment or how can check it?, advise anyone?
Did you get all of the &quot;little tools&quot; that came with the wheels?<br />Adjust like normal wheel, where there is no play and that there is no resistance. As you tighten, you take the play out but you also &quot;squeeze&quot; the bearings more which add resistance. Overtighten a little, then back it off to a happy normal between no play and no resistance. But, with an $800 set of wheels, I would probably go to your LBS and have them do it, especially if you are asking how to adjust wheels in this forum.....they could also adjust/true the wheels for you as well.....just a recommendation.