Mavic Kysrium SL's: the squeal heard round the world

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Rolman, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Sep 23, 2010
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    Hey, folks, sorry if thie one has been covered.
    I have a pair of Mavic Kysrium SL's on a Graneau Pro Sonix SL carbon frame that has SRAM red/rival on it. The wheels are a couple of seasons old, but are not over-mileaged per se. In the race this past weekend, I had a couple of really fast descents (80+ km/h) and things were dandy. Then was on a descent were the speeds reached just over 70 km/h, and then all of sudden I got this unbelievable squealing noise. The only thing I can compare it to is really poorly adjusted breaks hitting the rims...but I was FREEWHEELING and not braking.
    I had to pull of the road as I though the bearings or freehub body was going to seize, and this problem continued to occur as I ride the remaining 50 km in..solo.
    I took the bike into my local pro shop:
    1) The checked the wheels, and serviced the free hub, but didn't find anything per se.
    2) I have a newer pair of these wheels that I have swappped out to see if it is something else on the bike causing the issue.
    I am now beginning to thing that maybe the freehub isjust gone, as the wheels roll smoothly and there is no lateral play...
    ANyone have any ideas/insights?

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    I know there used to be issues with people not following the freehub maintenance recommendations that Mavic suggested - but that may have been on a model earlier that yours. It was related to the plastic bushings on the freehub body wearing out. You can extend the life of it by cleaning and reassembling but if you experienced the "death squeal" then you'll probably need to replace the freehub body.