Mavic Original "Open 4" Rims- Build Tension?


I had to true my rear wheel. It is a '98 chorus hub, laced with
2.0/1.8 mm spokes to a Mavic Open 4 rim. Does anyone have any
experience with this rim? Using the Park tensiometer, I was finding
that anything over 21 (110 Kgf) on the cog side was causing it to
start to pretzel. That is only an issue because at 21 100KgF, the
left side spokes were only at 44 Kgf (13 on the meter).

Is this normal with a 9-speed wheel? My 135mm 7-speed wheel has much
more even tension, o' course.

It doesn't seem like this rim is very strong during builds. Probably
my limited experience.


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