Mavic SCC Cosmic Carbon


New Member
Aug 20, 2003
Does anyone know (has experience) if Cosmic Carbon wheels are any good for allround road racing ?

Are they durable or only good for the weekend competition rides?
It's not always a smooth runway that I ride on... ;-(

Thanx for the advise. Bert
I own a set of cosmic carbones and they are the best deep section wheels around, they are also the most durable around too. I have known a few who have gone for the zipps only to have the spokes pull through the rim or have the hubs completely seize on them.

Someone in my club also trains on them, having the same the bearing as the cosmos, kysriums they'll last forever. They are also incrediably stiff, far stiffer than my kysriums.

They are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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