mavic vs campy vs rolf vs easton vs ....

gtop46 said:
What do you thing about the american classic 420 wheelset ? Can you also give me a good link for this wheelset ? I have find the planet x pro carbon 50 for 700 $. Does anyone know about this wheels ?
When I bought my current bike I talked to the LBS owner about a wheel upgrade from the stock Ksyrium Elite wheels. Of the upgrades in his inventory he had the AC 420, but then surprisingly told me that he would not use those wheels because of the same reason Peter stated. I am glad he was honest to tell me rather than sell me his unwanted inventory.
To the OP: why are you insisting? Just about everyone on this thread has recommended that you go with handbuilt wheels at your local shop, using Campagnolo Record or Shimano Dura Ace hubs. Or get a set of Chris Kings if you really have the cash burning a hole in your pocket.

Choose your rim and spokes and have a guy build 'em up for you.

If you have decided otherwise let the thread die...

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