Mavic X139 or Bontrager Maverick Rims (Which are better?)


New Member
Jan 5, 2012
Hi, I have a question regarding two different rims. My 2004 Trek Fuel 70 frame cracked and I replaced it with a 2003 Cannondale F-300. I ride primarily in the cith but occasionally ride on trails and bike paths, nothing terribly rough in terms of terrain. My question is, should I use the rims that came with the Cannondale or the ones I had on the Trek Fuel 70? Also curious which tires are a better choice for city and bike path riding. My only concern is durability and to a lesser extent, speed. The rims on the Cannondale are Mavic X139 with IRC tires and the ones from the Trek are Bontrager Maverick rims with Bontrager Comfort Hard Case Triple Protection tires. If anyone can help me with this question, it would be greatly appreciated!

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