Maxim L'Orange Tete Doped, Off Spaar

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    So, if its true that he popped last year, and got booted from Spaar,
    how come he was able to race AGAIN after this latest doping charge,
    and get 10th in the Summer Cross?

    Anybody know what his story is? It was my understanding that he was
    never selected for the French WC teams cause he had previous doping

    from (old story)

    Maxime Lefèbvre not in the team after all

    What a lot of insiders suspected turned out to be the truth. All of
    short notice though as the French saw an end coming to his newly
    signed contract. "That's correct, Maxime had a successful season and
    the joyful Nordist was able to sign a contract in March. I delivered
    already a bike and also a place to stay was found. As from September
    1st, he would race in the Spaar Select team.", replies Van Kasteren to
    the question whether Bart Wellens would have the French next to his
    side in the new season.

    "A pity I had to make an end to this promising contract as I received
    some documents by the French federation that said that he was
    suspended due to a violation of the doping rules. The facts date from
    the race in Raismes and the sanction was hard for Maxime. He was
    suspended for one year starting from the first of April and as I don't
    wont to put the team in doubt, I had to make an early end to the
    contract." was the reaction given by Van Kasteren.

    Peter Deconinck - 07-07-2004