Maximum spacer length for Easton EC90 fork?


New Member
Oct 23, 2002
I'm wondering if there is a maximum allowed length of spacers to be used with the Easton EC90 carbon fork (or any other carbon fork)..

I don't think i will need a whole lot of spacers, but i'm just wondering if there is a maximum allowed length?
the number I've seen is a maximum of 1 inch for forks with 1 inch steerers. I know that because I have a 1 inch steerer.

don't know for 1-1/8 inch steerers...
The shop that put my EC90 on said 1 1/2" was the max. After riding it a week, I took it down to 1", there was too much flex. I never saw what Easton had to say about it. Forgot to get the manufacturer's instructions with it.

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