May Seem Like A Stupid Question About Underwear


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Jul 30, 2012
Sussex England

may sound like a stupid question and its mainly aimed at the guys but what do you wear under your padded shorts etc to help keep your junk comfy when out on rides?

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

We wear nothing under our cycling shorts. They are meant to worn with no other garment between the saddle and your 'junk'. Add a little chamois cream and go ride your bike.
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When I first started cycling and didn't know better, I wore gym trunks and underwear on a 40 miler. Oh my gosh the pain of the rash caused by seams really taught me a lesson!

The chamois of the cycling shorts is made and formed so that there are no seams on the sit area.

+1 on the chamois cream. I use "Chamois Butter" and it makes a big difference on our rides. Usually 35-50 mile rides. Nice to lube up before a ride! :lol:
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When I was just starting I thought I would be fine wearing something extra underneath. I thought it would be comfortable and convenient that way but I was wrong. The shorts came in that way for a reason and should be worn as is. The rash felt like burning
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