Maya Trailers are Terrible


New Member
May 5, 2013
The trailer comes with an original hitch for attaching the trailer to the bike. This hitch is much more complicated and frustrating that it has to be. It has several washers, spacers and nuts that fit on a quick release skewer that's excessively long and cumbersome. When you ride the bike without the trailer, these spacers create an annoying cling and jingle with road vibration. The last of these spacers has a nut with a welded lock washer that grinds and chews up the bike frame. The nuts, spacers and long length of the skewer renders the quick release useless. Its virtually impossible to change a flat tire with this hitch attached. In an email, the owner of the company, Marta Staniszewski, admits that this hitch design is flawed and offered the new hitch at an additional cost, plus an excessive shipping charge. She stated that the new hitch was developed after the company received much feedback about the original hitch. She herself admits finding the hitch frustrating. However, Maya is still selling the trailer with the original hitch and charging extra for a hitch that looks like it would actually work.

The welds on the trailer are poorly manufactured, the actual weight is more than 2 pounds more than whats specified on the Maya website, the powdercoat is splotchy, the trailer fork grinds inside the steer tube of the trailer. Maya will also sell you a plastic bushing that makes the steer tube slide supposedly smoother, but it too is an additional cost with excessive shipping. Sharp steel flakes or burrs are painted over and create a rough surface to the touch. The wheel was not true out of the box. The hub looks like it came from a terrible department store bike, or wheelbarrow and spins even worse. The fender is floppy and rubs on the wheel. Maybe it wouldn't rub if the wheel were trued. The tire hold a minimum are pressure and creating more road resistance than is has to. This would need to be replaced as well.

The less cost is not worth the difference in quality you would get with a high quality trailer like a Topeak or BOB. The excessive additional cost to get the Maya trailer to work correctly, out of the box makes up the difference. I am definitely sending this trailer back, but will still be out the shipping.