Maybe there's a thread already?


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Jun 18, 2010
Howdy folks! From the post count you can tell I'm new here. I've been reading your forums for a little while and you guys have a great informative community. I really hate to start new threads but I did a search and looked for the topic, maybe I overlooked it.

Here goes. I'm 6'4'' at roughly 240lbs. I got myself a bike and looking to start riding seriously. I know that dropping the unwanted fat is the best step to powering over those hills and obviously I kinda need to lose the weight. I've read all over about eating the proper foods a couple hours before you ride and what to eat afterwards. But I haven't seen if the same is applicable for the heavier riders. Food = Fuel but if I'm looking to burn this mass of excess fat should I be consuming the same kind of diet as the already fit riders?

I know these get repetitive but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

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