Maybe You Find This Interesting!:) Give Me A Chance:)

May 1, 2015
Hey. 16 september last year i quit my job, i was working in a mine in the north pole a place called Svea on Svalbard. I quit my job because i wanted to go all out on my cycling dream, and now i do!
I have created a website where you could follow my training and life in general.

I will write about anything, cycling, poem, how to maintenance your bike and much more.

Check it out, and give me a chance. Maybe you like it:)
Always got to be careful about links from newbies.
This one is legit! Very cool stuff. Spread your wings and follow your dreams!
I checked it out. Cool site, thanks for sharing. You take awesome pictures, what camera do you use? I loved the Terminator 2 reference :)
It's a good site. The writeups seem to be coming from the heart. And I love the photos since the ice is always amusing to me. Congratulations for pursuing your dream and I will pray that you find another job after achieving your dream. Perhaps you have a sponsor for that? It's too hard for me to think of doing some adventure like that in place of my job... unless I am rich.
Congrats on the life change and amazing site, far better than working in a mine eh? :)
I don't think many people have the courage to do it. The documentation that you have made from it it's inspirational. ;)
I enjoyed this more than I expected to haha. Have you stopped tracking your activity since May or have you had a busy month?
I was a bit worried about clicking the link at first but figured I would give it a shot after seeing the confirmations in the thread replies.
Very nice site - I see it hasn't been updated in some time though! Would be great to see you keep going some time in the future. If you decide to keep it up, or just keep cycling in general, I hope you manage to reach all of your cycling goals! Best of luck to you!
Very wonderful and inspiring that you have been able to take the leap and give your dreams a go. :)
Yeah, I was actually totally surprised by the site, it's the best testimony one can show of we can change our life.
alot of things have happened, i will start blogging and posting my workouts again 13 of july. And after this it will be non stop blogging with daily and weekly updates!
Will post video blogg every day, and sum up my weekend with writing about it and other things like poems and ****:)
I started the site just to check out if people was interested, and the response has been very good. Check it out when i start up again!:)
Thank you so much for the positive vibes! See you all out on the road!:)
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Blogging sounds nice and all, but you could have had your job while going on biking adventures and stuff, unless you don't have enough time for both.
Actually I see it the opposite way, if I could afford to quit my job and do whatever I wanted with my life, I would do it.
Not sure if I went to the right site. Is that an instagram site? If it is I guess you got some pretty photos out there. If you had given up your work how do you make a living now that you are mostly focused on your hobby? How was the experience so far?
Nope, not an instagram site, just a regular site, but yes, loads and loads of awesome pictures there.

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