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  1. Wee whooo, our Mayors Ride straight ahead promises to cut the edge of the music and hi tech worlds
    with an unprecedented bombshell of excitement. And almost as one would expect from those who have
    been following our soon upcoming rolling Woodstock, Claire Machado is leading the charge! Not only
    has she begun recording the NBG song with words she is licensing from "The Road" by The Alarm (who
    she has also invited to perform at a few venues) and surrounded herself with some of the area's best
    musicians with her band C.A.M. engine as they ramp up to tour with us next summer, but in making her
    dream of live video and audio of her performances and the Mayors' receptions themselves (also called
    webcasting so anyone anywhere can watch from the comfort of a home or office computer) real she is
    pulling in some of the best talent the Silicon Valley has to offer.

    One such powerhouse is Mike Taht. Mike and I spoke yesterday and the vision he foresees for our ride
    is exciting beyond compare. Especially since he has the knowledge and ready access to the resources
    needed to make it all happen. One of the early founders of the Internet, Mike also played an
    important part in keeping the Y2K bug quiet once the millennium dawned upon us. Over the last
    several decades he has worked, often closely, with some of biggest names in the computer world. In
    fact, he even invited me, Claire, Faye, Libby and our riders to a party at his home where many such
    shakers and movers will be present. There is even a chance that I will get to meet his friend, the
    co-founder of Apple Computer, and the widely respected true father of the desktop device that you
    are reading this on, Steve Wozniak!

    A musician himself, Mike will be on the road with Claire and her musicians digitizing (for either
    live or delayed broadcast) C.A.M. Engine performances in all the towns and cites that stand
    between Los Angeles and Chicago. Mike plans also to communicate our vision himself to radio
    stations and service clubs along the way as he also talks about something near and dear to his
    heart (open space planning). He even foresees getting his radio interviews on line in real time
    where possible. Too exciting!

    And then out there on the East Coast, Janet Bressler just booked the popular Tokio Ballroom in
    Philadelphia. What's more is that they gave her the date right when she asked for it. A petite woman
    with a bellowing vocal delivery that would make any man proud, she is so good that most all venues
    out her way jump at the chance to get her away from her recording studio (there are mp3's at her
    site noted below that I encourage you to download and hear for yourself). Like what Claire's shows
    will be doing for ~16 other receptions, Janet's performance in Philly will call attention to our
    Mayors' ride event at that East Coast City Hall. Hmmmm, I wonder if we can get Janet to help us
    announce Baltimore and Washington,

    And Steve Bilenky, the owner of Bilenky Cycle Works, makers of the famous Viewpoint
    recumbent/upright tandem among other prized uprights and two-seaters, may ride the New York to
    Philly leg as a way to have fun and take advantage of Janet's advance publicity. His factory is in
    Philadelphia and he has lots of business contacts up in New York City who may join him.

    In terms of other bike business owners, Mike McDowell is thinking hard about riding from
    Indianapolis where his shop, Valley Bikes, is located, to Chicago. In doing so he may even be joined
    by 2002 Mayors Ride Iron Man and Just 2 Bikes owner, Jim Muellner. Maybe even Fred Kirchner, last
    year's Columbus to Indianapolis superstar will be back to take part in the fun.

    And where human interest is concerned, Patrick Thomas is very close to committing his wheel to our
    ride. Patrick, a San Francisco school teacher may ride his unicycle from SF to Chicago as a part of
    our ride. And once his decision is final our NBG Riders will see me in here asking for cyclists to
    provide sag support for his ride. You see on a unicycle , it is very hard to carry the gear needed
    to support a long trek. And Patrick wants to do 50 mile days. Nor do we want him to use a car for
    such sag assistance. I will keep you posted!

    Stay tuned for our next newsletter detailing some of Mayor Bob's training in rainy Arcata and Faye
    Saunders' IMovie representations of our 2003 Festival as well as DC Mayor Anthony Williams send off
    speech (now at our schedule ) and etc


    Links for the above: Claire Machado <> Mike Taht <http://the-> Janet Bressler <> Bilenky Cycle Works
    <> Valley Bikes <> Jim Muellner
    <> Just 2 Bikes <> DC
    Mayor send off speech<>

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