Mays Landing, NJ to Binghamton, NY

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  1. In 2004 I plan on riding from Mays Landing, NJ (near Atlantic City) to Binghamton, NY. I recently
    moved to Mays Landing from the DC area. I had a trip sheet drawn out for riding from DC to
    Binghamton but I never got around to doing the ride. Since I'm retiring in early 2004 I'll have
    plenty of time for the ride next year.

    I could ride from Mays Landing west and pick up on my DC-to-Binghamton trip sheet around
    Philadelphia. But I would prefer to ride north in New Jersey as far as I can before turning
    northwest towards Binghamton.

    Is is possible that someone here would have a trip sheet that could help me with the ride? Or maybe
    someone can point me in the right direction to find additional info.


  2. Alan E

    Alan E Guest

    You might want to check out the website for some good maps. I don't have any
    specific route recommendations, but I'm very familiar with the roads in Somerset, Hunterdon & Warren
    counties, so If you are coming through this area I can give you some advice on good routes to take.

    Alan [email protected]