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2-3 Medium Eggs Couple of garlic cloves crushed (or a good squidge of garlic paste) 50-100ml Milk (a
generous slosh) Fresh tarragon (it's worth it - about 4-5 stalks worth - approx 1/2pkt of the skimpy
shop-bought stuff) 1 onion (who cares what size) Some sort of meat. 2 rashers of bacon works well.
Oil - any (but cold-pressed Olive oil's the best) 2 small or 1 large potato 1 chopped green pepper /
capsicum (the non-hot variety) Slice of cheese off the block (about 1cm thick) - cubed Some sort of
frozen vegetable if it's spare (green beans are perfect) Anything else you like really - bit of
aubergine / eggplant, courgette / zucchini, etc. etc. Just slice and dice it and chuck it in to the
frying pan.

It's really simple. Boil the kettle. Whilst that's going, dice the potato (don't bother peeling -
that's where the goodness is, and you won't notice the difference). Get any frozen veg out you want
to include. Kettle boiled? Good - pop it into a pan (about 1/2 heat) and pop in the diced potato and
a bit of veg (a small shake of the bag should suffice). Swish it around a bit to make sure the water
is covering everything, and leave it alone. Chop up your veg for frying - e.g. green pepper, onion,
garlic, aubergine etc. if you want it. Any old vegetable matter lurking at the back of your fridge.
Not the tarragon though. Now get a frying pan out and splodge a bit of oil in it to coat the bottom
(and a bit more besides). Put it up to about 1/2 heat, and pop everything in. Pop the meat in too -
make sure it's in smallish pieces / cubes so it cooks properly. I tend to cut bacon with a pair of
scissors straight into the frying pan, because i'm lazy.

Whilst that is frying (give it a stir every now and then to stop it burning) - pull the tarragon
leaves of the stalk. You can do this by pulling the end off (and use them) and then running the
stalk from top to bottom between your fingers, and they just come away. Pop these into a (pref.
glass) measuring jug or good-sized dessert bowl. Now crack 2-3 eggs into this (without shell) and
add your seasoning to this - pepper, chili paste/powder (if you like that), paprika etc. - or
nothing at all. Mix it up a bit, and if the onions etc. look reasonably browned, it's time to work
the magic. Take the potatoes / veg off the cooker, and drain them, and bung the contents into the
frying pan, and mix in with the vegetables / meat. Now straight away, pour the egg mixture over
fairly evenly, and mix it all in so that the egg coats everything.

Press it down a little bit (e.g. with a spatula or fish slice or whatever) to keep it all together.
Sprinkle the cheese cubes over the top fairly evenly. Put the grill on to medium-high to warm up.
Now let it cook on the hob for about 3-5 minutes, jogging the frying pan a little every minute or so
to try to convince it not to stick to the bottom. Now put the frying pan under the grill (try to
keep the handle away from the heat source as much as possible to avoid burnt fingers) and every
minute or so for about 3-5 minutes, turn it a bit, or reposition it, so it cooks a bit more evenly.
Sort of like you do with a microwave. And then take it out, and slide it onto a plate. Don't worry
too much if some of it sticks to the frying pan. Leave it to soak. The omelette is no less delicious
if it comes apart in a few places! Serves 2, or 1 very hungry person. Takes about 20-30 minutes to
prepare, all-in-all (20 normally, 30 if you're reading from the instructions for the first time!) International Recipes OnLine On-Line Culinary Discussion at

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