mechanical discs to hydraolic


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Feb 13, 2005
I found some amazing deals on hyrolic brakes, the only problem is that they don't have an "adaptor" or at least thats what the add said. A mechanic at my local shop said that my mechanical brake (a shimano) adaptor would work if I hooked the two up. Is this true? I need an answer fast. are there any other faq sites you would recomend:confused:


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Jan 1, 2005
I cant say for sure without knowing what type of Hydraulic units you are referring to.
I have Shimano Deore 525 Hydro and they needed the Manitou- I.S. mount adapter. There is only one type of adapter for 6 inch to my knowledge. The adapter will take the 51mm International Standard(the ones with the holes sideways) and give a bolt face for the 74mm Manitou caliper mount(vertical holes). There is no adapter needed when going the other way, however an I.S. caliper cannot go on a Manitou fork.

For an 8 inch rotor you would need an extension adapter.

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