Medium End Wheel Sets



Firs a few quotes from froum members
I would stay away from from the Roff and Shimano wheel sets.  Drw
Quote:Shimano have wheels that would suite training and racing quite good, they might not be a zipp but atleast you can still use them whille riding to work, and use the same wheels when you race.about $500au should get you a pair.  
bike boy replied Don't touch them they sux. If you break a spoke while out training you will be stuck where ever u are at the time. You see the wheel will be slamming into each side of the rear tri-angle everytime it goes round!
Is this true? as i whent check out some aearo wheels at my bike shop and he recomened 3 shimano wheels
I was thinking about purchasing 1 of these 2, i still have to make up my mind.

Pro Competition Race Wheels  30mm Deep aerodynamic Alloy rim for clincher and sew-ups.
Bead blasted sidewalls
650C clincher model available.
Dura-Ace hub internals featuring; 11mm alloy front axle, ultra smooth Borozon treatment bearing races.
Titanium Freehub body.
Wheel Bags, spoke magnet, spoke wrenches and valve extenders included.


Sport-Race Wheels  30mm Deep aerodynamic Alloy rim for clincher.
Bead blasted sidewalls.
Ultegra hub internals featuring, ultra smooth Borozon treatment bearing races.
Durable, dependable Shimano Freehub body.
Spoke magnet, spoke wrenches and valve extenders included.  

come on guys give me some advice quick as i want to get the new wheels quick. also the wh-7700 is around $1200 with cogs and the wh 6500 is around $800. Altweg you said the Mavic Kyrysiums where $500 ? not aussie bucks i would not think as 500 bucks gets you a lower end aeoro shimano wheels. Admin how do you find your shimano's? you have the one blow the 6500, The Kyrsiums must be over 1000 dollars admin?.
For $500 wheels I think they're great, better than the old campag shamals infact. If I was after a wheel for serious racing i'd get the WH-7700 or maybe a set of Kyrsiums.  :) ( I dont wanna cry if I run into a pot hole )

But lets face it, lance still would have won the TDF on a set of WH-R535's  ;)

IMO you'll be happy with any of the wheels you have mentioned.

]I dont wanna cry if I run into a pot hole [/i] )

You are not saying that these areo tyres are weaker than say my mavic open pro's? the man in the bike shop said they are just as strong?
Nope, they're alot stronger.
My comment was refereing to the fact i brought the cheaper ones, cause I needed a set of wheels i can use while training. I'd rather ride a set of $500 wheels day in day out.

"f@#k that was a big (INSERT SOMETHING UNEXPECTED), ah well tyers still got air, who gives stuff"

You cant take that attitude with a set of $1500 wheels, Thats why mine stay in the spare room unless its race day  ;D Mind you my last race was over a year ago hehe.

I'm not saying i'm reckless when i ride, just thinking of the 'what if's'

People buy different wheels for different reasons, once you find a set you're happy with all you need to do is enjoy 'em

Yes, Ksyriums go for around $500 here. I don't know why, but Mavic stuff are cheaper here than in the US. As for your choice of a Shimano wheelset. I've neve heard or read more than 2 peoplse satisfied with them. Check out, I think there are quite a few reviews about those wheelsets.

The other guy was right about breaking a spoke. Since the spoke tension in the Shimano wheels is VERY high, breaking one spoke will put it significantly out of true. What I do not know is how likely you could break a spoke in a Shimano wheel.

If you can, go for the Ks, everyone raves about their durability and aero attributes...not to mention their coolness factor.

If price is no object, I think the HED Alps wheelset is pretty sweet.
ah well altweg i just read ur msg but iv already ordered them :), honestly i think the chance of a spoke breaking is no greater chance of happening on a shimano wheel than any other wheel. I mean come on the dudes at shimano test and test these things they r not dumb. Any way my shimano Looks trick too


It cost me $1450 with Caset and Michelin axial pro tyres
lots more than admins shimanos though your pair looks good for training admin.

The lady at the shop who races races on these tyres and said that when she switched too them she found the speed and response much better.

What u think of the price??
Altwegg you must have cheap prices over there cause they make the stuff over there?. its 3 times the price here.
I really do not know why Mavic stuff is cheaper here than in the US or Europe. Although, Shimano is cheaper here because this country is closer to Japan, hence the lower shipping costs. The owner of my LBS bought a pair of WH-6500 wheels during the start of this year, it cost him just P30,000, which is about $600 (U.S.).

Hmm, I'll see how admin does with his R535 wheels, and I'll get a set myself if they trn out to be bombproof.
well i just got them yesterday and tested them this morning :)
man they look so wicked. the hub looks sooooooo cool you cant see it properly on the pic. they are verrry good im riding them for 140k or so tomorrow and then race day :) (plz dont rain) altweg they cost me about 725 dollars us with the tyres (michelin axial pros, and gear cluster. i also got two wheel carry bags with them too :) i think they look cooler than the Kyrysums :) . ;D ;D ;D ps i get 10% off cause im a club member.
Sweet......i'm sure you'll be very happy with 'em

Let us know if they make you go better in the race on sunday ;)

Cool wheels Nicholas. I think they're a very similar spec to my Rolf Vector Pros. I haven't had a hassle with them and I used them for quite a bit more than just racing.
Guest said:
Cool wheels Nicholas. I think they're a very similar spec to my Rolf Vector Pros. I haven't had a hassle with them and I used them for quite a bit more than just racing.
Are the Rolf Vector really that durable. I had a pair of Kysiriums SSC SL with the carved out spaces, started getting cracks at the spoke join, even tho they sold them as everyday wheels:mad: