Melb: Pedal Powered Vehicles Workshop


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Apr 11, 2003
Upcoming event in Melbourne. I have one 'minor' quibble though, not all bike mechanics are blokes. ;))) Ah well...

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RMIT University

summer workshop making pedal-power work
30 Jan – 17 February 06

1st call for participation

Imagine getting a 10 minute open-air ride on a pedicab to get to that meeting at the other side of the city;
… or hiring a trailer for your bike from the corner store when you need to move your stuff;
… or picking up a fresh crepe from a chef-on-a-bike just at the right time and place;
… or just getting your bike repaired by a mechanic who rides his workshop-on-wheels to your home.

There is a broad range of existing and new services that can be fulfilled in more sustainable and enjoyable ways by pedal power.

The Cultural Transports Unit of RMIT University is calling for participation in a Pedal-Powered Vehicles Workshop taking place over 3 weeks in February. The workshop has a practical focus on designing and building prototypes of pedal-powered vehicles.

The international team pedalling the workshop includes Indian designer Shreya Gadepalli whose improvements to rickshaws in India and becaks in Indonesia are making big changes to thousands of peoples lives; New York based Matteo Martignoni whose pedal-powered vehicle experience includes aerodynamic land speed record vehicles and amphibious vehicles; and Cultural Transports artist Mick Douglas.

Participation is invited from designers, bicycle enthusiasts and mechanics, pedal power and sustainability advocates, new service entrepreneurs, or anyone who just has to get involved pedalling. Join in to make vehicles and meet people who want to make pedal-power work.

The workshop is being held in the mornings for 3 weeks at RMIT in the city from 30th Jan to 17 Feb. Participants will pay a small materials fee and have use of all the prototypes made.

Places in the workshop are limited. For more info visit
To express your interest, contact: [email protected]
phone 9925 5326

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