"Members - take note" information, please


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Jan 20, 2004
Please could you let me have a list of those sites which you consider have "degenerated" so that I can make sure that I can avoid them.

"We will not allow this board to degenerate like many other bulletin boards have. If I had it my way, only cycling related topics would be allowed. You are reminded that this is, in fact, a cycling related site.

As a moderator, I will from now on take a stance against those that think that "free speech" means that they can say and do whatever they want just because they feel "empowered"."

May I ask the punishment for those that transgress your unwritten laws?

Will it include invasion and killing of civilians?
"Will it include invasion and killing of civilians?"

Lashing with a wet noodle? Being forced to watch Jerry Springer? Confiscation of beloved bicycle and other assorted carnage?