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    Not wishing to open old wounds hereabouts - though I probably will -
    I've produced a patch for Memory-Map Navigator which neutralises some
    of the artificial restrictions imposed on it by the cursed OS. It
    applies to MMN Version 4.2.3, the latest version, and is now available
    on our website.

    In particular, and of most interest to people here, it overcomes the
    outrageous OS exclusion of your licensed pre-2003 maps with the latest
    software, and allows people with printers larger than A4 to print
    directly at their chosen size.

    Specifically it:

    1. Enables use of OS and A-Z maps of any year of issue (this
    previously needed a hex edit to every map to circumvent it).
    2. Enables direct printing at any size (the OS enforced a limit of A4
    which could only be circumvented by a cumbersome Printer driver
    3. Enables use of products artificially excluded by the OS terms (not
    the same as #1).
    4. Enables Pro Feature - Import of marks & waypoints from a
    comma-separated CSV file.
    5. Enables Pro Feature - Import / Export of Shape files (whatever they
    are for).
    6. Enables Pro Feature - use of Memory Map API

    For obvious reasons, I won't post a live link here. It is in a
    protected directory, so it's the usual drill - email me for a
    user/pass, using either the email above or the Contact page on the

    We might be away on a short backpack soon, probably at the weekend, so
    it might be a few days before you get a reply if you email around that


    -- GeoffC