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    Hi Everyone,
    and thanks for sharing information on Mr.Mengoni.

    The reason I asked is that he has migrated from my same region,
    Le Marche-Italy.
    There, in front of a the bike-shop in Campocavallo d'Osimo I saw a team
    car bearing the sign MENGONI U.S.A.; so, I enquired with the shop keeper,
    Mr.Principi, a nice guy from Recanati whom I have known for years.
    He told me what a distinguished sponsor Mr. Mengoni has been for years on
    the East Coast.

    Being a bike enthusiast, a fond and sturdy cyclist myself, having lived a
    few years between Roslyn, N.Y., and S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook, N.Y., it would
    be of real value and pleasure for me to get in contact with Mr.Mengoni.

    And, why not?, perhaps meet together sometime, somewhere.


    MarinaV (44, MI, 0, 0, S)

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