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    Of course the detractors will say .. the placebo effect. This article reveals BETTER mental health
    and FEWER memory problems in those women whose iron levels have been lowered ..

    Eur J Clin Nutr. 2003 Sep;57(9):1169-75. Related Articles, Links

    Consequences of iron depletion on health in menstruating women.

    Duport N, Preziosi P, Boutron-Ruault MC, Bertrais S, Galan P, Favier A, Lafond JL, Hercberg S.

    U557 INSERM/U1125 Inra/ ISTNA (Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers), Paris, France.

    OBJECTIVE: To examine the consequences of single iron depletion on health in menstruating women, a
    common but rarely investigated situation in industrialized countries. DESIGN: We studied data issued
    from the SU.VI.MAX. cohort via a transversal and a longitudinal (2-y follow-up) approach. SUBJECTS
    AND METHODS: Iron-depleted menstruating women (ferritin &<15 micro g/l, n=472) were compared with
    iron-sufficient (ferritin 30-80 micro g/l, n=393) menstruating women (aged 35-51 y) in terms of
    health variables and quality of life (DUKE score) using logistic regression and analysis of
    variance. RESULTS: The risk of any infection or of specific types of infections was not increased by
    iron deficiency. Regarding the DUKE health profile, no specific score was significantly different
    between the two groups: only the scores reflecting 'physical health' (P=0.09) and 'perceived health'
    (P=0.12) showed a trend toward a lower level, while the best score for 'mental health' (P=0.11) was
    found in the group of iron-depleted women. The only significant difference between iron-depleted and
    iron-sufficient women concerned memory disorders, which were significantly less common in
    iron-depleted women, Odds ratio=0.7 (.6-0.9; P=0.03). CONCLUSION: There is no conclusive evidence
    that an absence of iron stores has negative consequences; however, we must consider that in the case
    of a worsening of the iron balance, it may lead to a rapid decrease in the level of functional
    compounds. SPONSORSHIP: The laboratory Robapharm, Pierre Fabre, France.

    PMID: 12947438 [PubMed - in process]


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