Mercury Threat to Kids Up, Delayed Report Warns

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    Mercury Threat to Kids Up, Delayed Report Warns Thu Feb 20,12:41 PM ET Add Science - Reuters
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    NEW YORK (Reuters) - An environmental report warning that emissions of mercury by coal-fired power
    plants and other industrial sources poses an increasing health danger to young children has been
    delayed for nine months, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

    The Environmental Protection Agency report is to be released soon, officials told the Journal, after
    being subjected to an unusual level of scrutiny by other federal agencies, including the White
    House's Office of Science and Technology Policy.

    People familiar with the final report, originally due last May, told the newspaper the study finds
    that mercury poses a serious health problem for children.

    A partial draft, titled "America's Children and the Environment," notes that states increasingly are
    issuing warnings about dangerous mercury levels in fish, the article said. It says there is mounting
    evidence that mercury is collecting in the blood of women of child-bearing age.

    Michael Magner, an analyst for the Public Education Center, a nonprofit, pro-environment research
    group, provided the draft copy of the report, dated in October, the newspaper said.

    The report notes that children are more exposed and vulnerable to mercury and other environmental
    pollutants because they play outside, and for their size they drink more water, eat more food and
    breathe more air than adults do, according to the article. When the final report will be released
    remains unclear, the Journal said.

    And...not a mention of amalgams...hmmm....