Merry Christmas!



I won't be back in the office till the 27th, so I'll take this opportunity to greet you guys. Have a good one this year! :D
May everyone have a great X-mas. Hope you guys get lotsa pressies and choclates!
Take care and play it safe!

yes merry christmas to all.
any white christmas's ?. it will be a ho ho hot christmas here it might get up to 40 something degrees.
And a Merry Christmas from me also.

 If there's one thing that I like,
 It's a burn-up on my bike -
 A burn-up on the bike track on my bike.
 When I pass a little scooter,
 I blast him with my hooter,
 A burn-up on my bike, that's what I like.
Welcome Aboard, cyclelogik. Are you into racing, touring or commuting, if I may ask?
A merry christmas to you all.

Nicholas , Here in south wales we don't get many White Christmas' but today whilst out I thought there was a really good chance, there was one or two flakes but it didn't continue.
Okay it was overcast,cold and windy but the air was so fresh that it was one of those day's that are wonderful to be out riding on.
Welcome Aboard, cyclelogik. Are you into racing, touring or commuting, if I may ask?

Hi Willie
I've only been cycling for a while now (used to be a swimmer), so I do middle-distance road racing.
Hi. One sees more young ladies out training these days. They lend the sport a more pleasant public image, I reckon.
I don't race myself, only commute to work, and the occassional day trip. Would like to do some cycle camping, but don't relish lugging all that gear, plus food and water. It's easier to lug the bike in the campervan, more comfortable, too.
I wonder what is the situation in the racing scene - do you have to keep upgrading your equipment frequently? e.g. from 7 speed rear cogsets, to 8 speed, 9 speed, etc? Now Campy has a 10 speed rear hub out. ( My pockets are rather shallow).
I doubt there are many racing cyclists with deep pockets willie ;D

hrmmm a mtb and a weeks accommodation here is my idea of a christmas holiday 8) maybe next year

Yes, nice spot. Old gold mining town. Steam train rides. Must visit there myself sometime.