Message to the young racers.

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by crit pro, Sep 26, 2004.

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    Despite what you see and hear, it IS possible to win clean. It is
    hard, but the value is that much more special.

    Do everything as well as you can. Train hard, eat well, rest smart,
    etc... Do the work. Pay the bills. Put in the time. Races can be won
    by putting in 450-600 miles a week. Period.

    Don't give in to the dark side. Even clean riders get tempted. They do
    everything right, and after a few years, start to think...."just a
    little faster, and I could be Chump." Don't do it. Look at Tyler. He
    was probbaly clean at $300,000/year in 2001 with USPS, but then did
    two years with CSC at double that, and then a 2 year deal (2004-2005)
    with Phonak at double that. Well, he crashed and hurt himself at the
    Tour. After pulling out, he felt TREMENDOUS pressure to justify $1.15
    million a year. He caved.

    Don't do it man. He is done. Joey D is done. Sbieh is done. Fuentes
    will be done this month. ;) Never worth it. Never.

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