This group was initiated to inform people about diabetes. At that time I was suffering and did not
know squat about my problem. When I found MHD it was like it was getting daylight. It was formed by
some very special people. A few are still around still helping. When we get too far off on a tangent
we must try to remember why we are here.

Technical words are to define, not to impress. Using them to snow a diabetic is improper. They are
used for selling to fool the syckers. They have a place, if used at the proper place and in the
proper setting. . When I see a person come here confused and very distressed, then flower nto a
wonderful poster with positive contributions, I feel great Guy.
A few weeks back I was at a health food se and the owner was talking to me about restreing my
eyesight with some herb or other. Her intent wasn't exactly to sell me something from her store, she
was quite curious, and as we talked, I discovered she didn't know squat about retinopathy. She was
not like some of the spammers we get here, but was trying to understand and help me. It escalated in
to an argument. A rather strong one, as she was convinced she would be able to regrow the part of my
retina that is damaged, and prevent further bleeding in my eyes. Partly because of this group, i
uave gotten enough knowledge about the cause and effect of this eye disease and m opthal assured me
that once the retina detaches, that's it ... game over. This lady would not let it go, and shewas
following me around the store, and was absolutely convinced, maybe due to her training as an
herbalist, and partly due to ignorance, that she really believed that she could restore my ruined
sight. Now, I don;t know owyou feel about this, but wouldn't you think that if this were possible,
that some caring doc would gladly hand these things out. If it was so simple and all we had to do
was to buy this herb to see, how many grateful people flock to that store to get treated. My God,
the grateful hordes that would appear ! And how cruel is it to make this kind of claim, to a person
already in trouble. Just like Jack with a hand full of magic beans, huh ? I was in the store buying
something else, and here is this woman telling me she is capable of curing my problem, with a $10
bottle of an herb. When she wouldn't let it go, I got angry and told her off. Told her how cruel it
was to keep this ability she has to cure blindness. We will not be shopping in her store anymore.
It's closer to my house than the only other store, but I'll be taking the bus to the other one now.
Just like the vitamin store for body builders right by my house. One lady who works there is
convinced that some preparation they sell will cure diabetes. The difference between this lady and
the other, is that this lady is just a fast talking saleswoman. Shs no more believes this **** than
flying to the moon, She is just looking for her commission. The unabashed cruelty of telling people
that this or that preparation will fix or restore a medical problem, is so huge that it just boggles
my mind. And people should really know better, that if any of this was real, we'd all be doing it,
right ? In contrast, the other health food place i go to, does not promote anything they sell as a
cure. They mainly have real food stuffs and prepackagd healthy snacks and supplements. They do have
the usual number of remedies and packaged herbs and so forth, but these guys never push it. They'll
fix you up with a wheatgrass drink at the juice bar ( very poplar there ), but they don't pretend to
be God. Anyone who reads this group on a continuing basis, know bett. I think we all have a
responsibility to continue to make sure others don't get scammed by people who only want money. I.
for one, know the desperation of finding a way to deal with my diminishing sight, and eating some
pill that might not even really be a certain herb or anything other than a placebo, might be
attractive in a desperate moment. But we know these things won;t work. Some people will try the
latest "witch doctor". I have a really good idea, ( she said sarcastically ) it might be unique to
some. Invest all your time and money in to good education, a gym membership and the best food and
med you can. Find an acceptable doc. Most people want a quick fix and there isn't one. And some
people want to believe all that mumbo gumbo the spammer scammers blab. I personally wouldn't give
any creedence to anyone telling me that some magic pill will care anything. At least I know I a not
going to hell with a pocket full of money I stole from hopeful desperate folks ! Rainbow