MI5 Persecution: Bernard Levin 1/6/96 (2099)

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Peter Ceresole ([email protected]) wrote:
: In article <[email protected]>,
: [email protected] (Mike Corley) quoted a typical, overblown Bernard Levin
: piece, which sounds exactly like any number of other pieces by Levin over
: the past thirty years.

: He then goes on to draw an anguished parallel with a totally unrelated
: incident that had happened between him and a friend a few days earlier.

It is in the same style as his other pieces, but it's so close to what
actually happened a few days previously, that it's completely reasonable
to assume that someone told Levin about the meeting, hammed it up a
little bit and motivated him to write that article.

Look at the parallels;

1. "madman running loose about London"

2. it's about a meeting which took place recently

3. the police are called (he must be controlled, however much that
consumes in resources)

4. he might be violent, approach with caution, yes we're laughing but
really we're afraid of him, or is it perhaps our own propaganda that
we're letting manipulate us

5. he "bursts into tears, and swears it's all true - and it is" a very
exaggerated impression of the conclusion of that meeting

Don't worry if you don't believe me, neither my friend to whom I
explained this nor my GP believe me either (until the friend found out
otherwise!). If someone just presented this to you as I am presenting it
now then I wouldn't find it credible (most likely), so it's not until you
actually find out it's true that you can find it credible. And by then
it's too late, because they've got you in their trap and explained how
"funny" the abuse is.


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