Michelin Tire Review


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Sep 1, 2012
As part of a video contest I've reviewed the NEW Michelin Pro 4 service Course tires. I'm really sold on the performance after 500miles. Check out the video and see for yourself! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRgYd5E69LA
Looks like more of an ad for Michelin. As a review it doesn't work.
I can see your point. The contest required the video to no longer than 30 secs and creativity was encouraged. So I decided to go with footage of real use. Thanks for watching
The video gave me a seizure, but Pro 4 Service Course are good tires. Decent service life, good grip, good cut resistance, smooth rolling. Very similar to Fortezza Tri-Comps with the stickier rubber picking up a bit more rocks/stones. Not the best 'feel' in hard cornering, but they will go 'round if you can. Haven't tried them in the wet, yet...drought summer.
Is it just me, or are Pro 4s just Pro 2s with a raised centre? :) They feel very similar to me (I still have a couple of Pro 2s), both to ride and touch.
I figure they realized they stuffed up with the Pro Race 3s, so they simply reverted back to the tried and true.
I put Pro 4's on mine late spring this year and I am seeing small cracks along the outer edge of the rubber on both tires. I have been using Mich Pro's for a number of years. This is the first time I have seen this with just a few months of use.

Other than that they do okay in general. I got these mainly because of the price at PBK earlier this year.