Michigan HPV Association - Wolver-Bents Annual Meeting

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    On Saturday, February 14th, the Wolver-Bents Recumbent Cyclists and Michigan Human Powered Vehicle
    Association will hold a joint meeting, 1pm-until 3pm, at the Francois Xavier Bagnoud Building
    (corner of Beal and Hayward) on the University of Michigan North Campus in Ann Arbor. The event
    will include talks and displays on all types of human powered vehicles with the main focus being
    bicycles. Prior to the meeting, from noon until 1pm, there will be a recumbent bicycle display
    with a buying your first recumbent talk at 12:30pm. For more information contact 487-9058 or visit
    www.lmb.org/mhpva/newsletter or www.lmb.org/wolverbents/events. The meeting is free and open to
    the public.