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    A week ago I was moving along at a pretty good speed, hit a pothole, got a pinch flat and had an instant pinch flat. I safely brought it to a stop and sat down on the curb to repair it. At the time I was only interested in getting back on the road so when I filled it the #ing CO2 filler didn't connect properly so I didn't get the rear tire properly charged and inflated. So I decided to turn back and take it home. At home I realized that when it went flat it rubbed a lot of the rubber off of the sidewall.

    Clock ahead to yesterday. While on a 40 mile ride I started worrying about possible sidewall flats which could be unrepairable on the road. So I decided to go to the nearest bike shop that was open and replace the tire. This was Pleasanton Mike's Bikes. When I went into the place without a mask on you would think that I was holding them up. Four young people who all had no doubt been vaccinated almost pissed their pants. I was told that they wouldn't sell me anything without a mask. So I left, came home and bought what I needed on-line for $140. Now this same thing in their store could have probably cost twice as much if they even had Michelin. Or some other top brand reliable tires. (Continental GP5000) and tubes.

    This is as much in a single sale as the sorts of bikes they can stock these days. And they were willing to throw this away purely on the grounds of conformity? This doesn't bod well for Mike's Bikes. Trek opened Factory stores in the area because Mike's Bikes was unable to correctly repair upper end Trek bikes. So they double down on their errors for reasons unbeknownst to man. Think about this - you enter a restaurant and are supposed to wear a mask, but as soon as you are seated you can remove the mask since the act of sitting down magically protects everyone in the restaurant.

    At the height of the pandemic - May of 2020 - the CDC released a study called "Non-Pharmaceutical Means of Controlling Influenza Transmission" from this:

    abstract - “evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures (masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing) did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory -confirmed influenza.”

    Page three: “our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory – confirmed influenza”

    Page four: “face masks have not demonstrated protection against laboratory-confirmed influenza”

    Also a paper by Dr. Jim Meehan MD”

    Covid 19 is about viral transmission. Surgical and cloth masks do nothing to prevent viral transmission”

    For the uninitiated, covid-19 is an influenza. So Mike's Bike's was willing to turn down a substantial sale for the sake of nothing more than conformity. Do you suppose some post teenager should be running that store?

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    Some states, counties, cities require masks. It might not have been up to the dealer.
    I can find all kinds of studies showing that masks do offer some protection. It's not 100%, but every little bit helps.
    The CDC, WHO, John's Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, New England Journal of Medicine, etc. etc., have all come out saying that wearing masks, indoors, is helpful in combating covid. I have no reason to think they are lying.