Microsoft 'upgrades' SA cycling...


Aug 11, 2001
Now that IBM/Lotus has pulled out of the SA cycling scene, who else 'enters' but the mighty Microsoft!
Well, at least I know that a portion of the millions of bucks my company spends on MS products is put to good use; straight into the bank accounts of Mr Ryder and his team mates!
Thank you, IBM/Lotus, for supporting SA cycling!
Sad to see you go.

Welcome Microsoft!

Article here...
Yeah, good to know that another loaded sponsor is committed to spend some money on cycling.

Hey, but MS and IBM are active in the IT boxing-ring :eek:. Did Mr. Ryder (IBM employee) also get a full-time job at MS as part of the sponsorship ?

Hope MS will also NOT apply their infamous "Upgrade Policy" to the team or riders. Imagine that - having to upgrade your existing riders to an updated version every year, otherwise MS won't support you  ;D !!