Microwaved Turkey Thighs with Vegetables

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    Microwaved Turkey Thighs with Vegetables

    One of my most favorite 'meats'.

    Granny Smith apples
    Thick sliced potatoes
    turkey thighs
    Seasonings of your choice

    or you can use a sauce such as pizza or salsa

    Layer in the largest 'Pyrex' bowl that fits your micro-wave.
    Carrots and thick sliced Granny Smith apples
    Thick sliced onions
    Thick sliced potatoes
    A layer of thighs [you can bone them] skin side up
    Seasonings of your choice
    Layer of more potatoes
    Nuther layer of onions
    Salt/pepper or you can use a sauce such as pizza or salsa, etc:
    Cover tightly with saran type wrap and pierce for steam release.
    Cook on high 15=> 25 mins
    Cook on level 5 or 6 for another 20=>40 mins [depending on your device
    and amount of meat used]
    This is so versatile depending on the seasonings/veggies used. Cajun,
    Asian, Tex-Mex, Itallian, etc:,
    I've done them all and never been disappointed, cuz I luvs my turkey
    Also, you can use them in any recipe for chicken as long a you
    compensate for the cooking tyme of the thickness of the meat.
    Have fun cooking experimenting.
    Note: I do not have a coventional oven but I see no reason this could
    not be done in a porcelain roaster on a slow roast temp setting.

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