What mileage did you do on your bike last year ? I calculated I did around 2000 km excluding all the work I put in on the indoor trainer (cateye only pics up the front wheel).

Since getting my HRM in August I've clocked up around 600km
± 4000 k. :-[

The first week of 2002 is done, and I have almost 150k on the clock already. ;)
I reckon if I did 4000k a year as a pro, they'd fire me!

Maybe we should log all our rides for the year online, and compare. It's a good way to stay motivated (I think?)
Here's mine (the distances are in miles, so x with 1.6) > Vo2's ride log for 2002
Fired for doing 4000kms a year? Not if you were badly injured for 10 months and still had one more year to go on the contract. ;D
± 4000 k. :-[

The first week of 2002 is done, and I have almost 150k on the clock already. ;)
I've done about 120km already since 1 Jan 2002. However I might miss out on a day or 2 training as my front wheel has gone in for the bearing and they said that if they need to replace the hub it will take a day or 2 :(. I will be loosing vital training for the H2H but better have it repaired now than land up stranded in the race.
How about trainer miles, how do I log that? :)
Time and heart rate?
Create a new workout entry in the journal called "Trainer" or whatever and stick it in there.
For heart rates you'll just have to stick to your spreadsheet for now.
well iv been into bikeing for around i year. i started on my mtb (it has 3500k) and then got a road bike (9000k) so thats 12,500k. i am aiming for much more this year ;D ;D ;D
Thats some serious distance, Nic. I'm aiming for the same this year.
When I was in the Air Force, I used to get time off for training (seriously!). One year I did more miles on the bike than I did in my car (11,000miles) :eek:

And people are still surprised that my bike was worth more than my car ::)

The biggest year i've had is 28,000km thats about 17,000 miles......last year I only did about 3,000km :mad:

It aint possible to have time to train and money at the same time :( if only someone would pay me $2 per KM I rode hehe

Hi Dodgy. Years ago in the UK I was in the Territorial Army. I could claim cycling expenses per mile from home to the local drill hall, for most people 2-3 miles. I chose a drill hall in central London, a round trip of 110 miles which I would often do late afternoon getting home in the early hours. Some long weekends I did round trips of 340 miles. Made a lot of money those days, could have been declared a pro? ;)
Best was a club friend of mine who got a job with the county council riding around country roads logging potholes! Got a salary + enormous cycling mileage expenses!
Now? So far January 297 km, both road and MTB. I tend to concentrate more on hours in the saddle than actual distances.
340 miles is a bloody long way.
Yes, but I did say it was years ago! (Actually about 50 years!)
I was riding time trials in those days, preferring the longer distances, 100 mile and 12 hour events. Today? I still feel like a teenager on the bike, that is until a real teenager passes me on a hill just cruising!!! Anyway I'm still a bike addict. ;D
:D are you guys sitting down? of course, you're at the PC, so you should be. OK, then it's safe for me to broadcast my mileage...

actually, no, I don't think I'll do that... yet. ;)

Anyone want to hazard a guess? I'll give you a little hint...

Take VO2's total, add Ouzo's total, deduct 1000k, add 100, plus 100, plus 100, plus 100, plus 100, add another 12 and there you have it! Anyone? :p
Geez, you make my head hurt with math this time of the day!

What do I win?
;D ;D ;D YOU GOT IT !!! I didn't make it toooo tough, despite the late hour, yes, I'll concede that... :)
so you have a choice...

a cyber :-*
or else... a list of all the races in the Vaal region. what's it to be, maths bof?
;D HA HA!!! I LOL at that one, and got somebody walking down the passage asking what did he do? I said it's not him, it's my PC, to which he was even more :eek:

ha ha ;D

ok, so I got the message... you want to work harder for the list of races then... ;)
Hey guys,

Getting a little weird around here :eek: ;)

My mileage 94.7 2000 to 94.7 2001 (1 year)

Excluding Indoor Trainer time (winter) 50 hours
Acid - sorry, we're not all "acidic" ;) he he

That mileage I quoted was Jan - Dec 2001. It included indoor training, outdoor training and races, so that probably accounts for the high mileage.

Anyway, I'm outta here for today. Gotta go get ready - there's a bicycle calling me......

* wave *