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    Yesterday I passed the 50,000 mile mark on a bicycle. As of today it is 50,059 miles. Best year was 12,062.
    Best day was 126, Best week was 490.

    It took ten years and I lost 140lbs.

    Most miles was on a Trek 720 Multi Track 28,000, three rebuilds. Next most was a Salsa Las Cruces.
    8000 miles. Along the way there was a dozen or so different bikes. I started on a Walmart bike, $80.
    The Trek was a yard sale find and the Salsa was built for me. About $3000
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    Aug 18, 2015
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    I have to say I am at about 120,000 miles since I started riding in 97. Not counting the many many years of riding a bike every other day as a kid, age 4 to 16. :D

    Best year 7300 miles.
    Longest ride, 126 miles
    Toughest ride 114 miles with 12,000 ft of climbing (Breathless Agony)
    Coolest jersey. Breathless Agon 4 pass finisher's jersey (earned jersey) coolest socks too! :D
    Lemond Tourmalet (dark blue) 13,000 miles, snap! :eek:
    Lemond Chambery Yellow and blue 13,000 miles snap! :eek:
    Trek Madone, current frame, 13000 miles, keeping my fingers crossed! :p

    Off road riding, tandem riding, 2 roadies currently.

    Started on a $69 Huffy cycling up to 60 miles.

    Best year, 23 centuries on a Century a Month challenge in a cycling forum, ended up with 23.






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