Ming Tsai's knives



Chef Ming uses a white knife on his cooking show, are
those plastic or ceramic knives? Anyone know more about
his cutlery?

JaKe, Seattle "Let's go out there and put a pocket on this
thing." Al Jackson Jr

Curt Nelson

They're from Kyocera. I've got one and I'm underwhelmed.
They're brittle, not terribly sharp, and only 6" long.

After other people pretty much destroyed the edge, I sent it
back to Kyocera to be resharpened and asked for them to make
it sharper this time, even if it meant an even more delicate
edge. It's better, but still not that good. Now it pretty
much just sits in the drawer.

I recommend a good steel knife instead. I go to cutlery.com

Hasta, Curt Nelson