Mini pump recommendations


Zebee Johnstone

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just us <[email protected]> wrote:
> was great until the next road house/4wd tourist. I am on the lookout for a
> "skinny" one next time I get to the LBS (100kms away) have several small skinny pumps. I've been very
happy with their online order system. do as
well, and they've given me good service including instant exchanges
without any hassles at all.



just us wrote:
> I am on the lookout for a
> "skinny" one next time I get to the LBS (100kms away)

I use Zepal HP on my mtb (2.25") and wife's (1.25").

The Zepal MTB pump is **** for pressure.
Thanks to all for the advice, I never knew there was such a variety of
pumps. I like the little pumps that turn into little floor pumps, but
I'm going with the Cyclaire Original. Thanks to OzCableguy for the
review, it certainly seems like the business. Will hopefully order it


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Jan 11, 2005
flyingdutch said:
another vote for ToPeak here.

I carry a slightly diff one tho, the Topeak Mountain Morph Pump.

NFI why it's 'mountain' as the only diff between it and the 'Road' morph is it has a lil' guage on it which is gimmickry IMHO.

lerv havin the hose/tube bit rather than clippin straight onto valve head (i had a nasty habit of damaging them with my_ninja_pumpin_action_technique :rolleyes: )

the fold out foot stand is cool for extra leverage too. It'll fit in ajersey pocket. 'just'.

The primary difference between the mountain morp and the road morph is volume, the mountain morph has a thicker barrel so pumps up fat tires faster at the expense of less achievable pressure.

I use the RoadMorph as I primarily ride a road bike (with rack and panniers :p ) I've used the same pump while mountain biking and it takes a long time to get the air in to fat off-road tires.

I like the gauge, I've found it to be pretty accurate. The readings I get from the RoadMorph gauge are very close to what I get from my Silca track pump.

I've had mine for four years, still going strong and in the first two years it had a lot of use. I've got better tires now :)