Minimum age allowed to bike on the street


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May 26, 2015
I think there should be a minimum age for a biker in the street. This is related to the news on tv that I saw for 3 consecutive nights about accidents that are involving children. On a secondary road, the cctv caught the biker who looks like 10 years old that crossed the path of a vehicle. It's a good thing that the vehicle was not speeding. In the other news, it was a collision of a bicycle and a motorcycle. The bicycle, ridden by a boy, was out of line. I think those children should not be allowed to ride in the streets because they have no training on how to go about riding in the streets.
I have been worried lately about the way most of the kids that do not even understand what the rules of riding on the road now uses bikes. In as much as it is going to be difficult to implement a rule that will bring about an age limit before someone starts riding, I believe government should do something towards that as soon as possible.
For younger kids, the responsibility is shared by the parents and other people in the neighborhood to keep children safe and ensure that they are at least using age-appropriate bikes and with supervision. Of course, there should be a policy implemented regarding this, and it should be enforced. In terms of biking on larger roads, the only appropriate age is the same as the age for driving.

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