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Arthur Clune

Cycled in today. The river in York is very high and was across the approach to the millenium bridge.
Didn't look too deep so I just cycled straight through.

Half way across I realised that it was too deep to pedal though and since I was on fixed I couldn't
just tap the pedals at the top.

Result: very wet feet and trousers.



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Dave Larrington

Could be worse. Back when Mrs Larrington was still a penniless student layabout in Kassel, Germany,
the river Fulda escaped into town, flooding a major complex of roads, roundabouts, bike paths, foot
paths and so forth, the design of which included a Several of underpasses. This caused a certain
amount of dischuffedness to one motorcyclist who, having vented his spleen on the usefulness, or
rather lack of it, of the motorcar in such conditions, set off upon his gleaming steed to negotiate
the aftermath of The Deluge. Witness reported that he did not get very far before disappearing, Atlantis-
like, beneath the waves, having found out the hard way /precisely/ where the one of the subways was


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