MIXTE to BENT[Metamorph]

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Bill B

Got the RANS seat base mounted.Cut seat tube off ,added some square stock,bent down rear stays and
re brazed. Starting work on seat back. Seat stays will be RANS flutes which will attach to a U that
is yet to be cut,notched and brazed in the mid area of the seat back. Thinking about using a flip it
and quill? thing from power on cycle. Boom tube and bottom bracket bla bla bla are next.Think I will
eliminate the original upright pedals and bottom bracket and go for a direct chain to the rear wheel
using idlers. Got three pics of the bike in the morph stage.Take a look. Let me know whatcha think.
Feel free to make suggestions. I've already coasted down the alley with no back rest and it seems
like its going to be OK.Time will tell though.Any way I'm having fun giving it a go. Pics can be
seen at http://community.webshots.com/user/recumbentbill look for MIXTE BENT

Lewis Campbell

Unfortunately, Bill, that style of Cannondale is not what most people refer to as a 'mixte'.

Typically, on a mixte, the top 'down tube' is a double tube the extends all the way to the rear
dropout (and the 2 tubes are only about 1/2" dia.)




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> > Bill, who told you that was a mixte?
> Forgot to add the link http://www.cannondale.com/bikes/02/cusa/model-2AR4M.html
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