MM patch for 4.4.0 and Pocket Navigator

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    I've produced a new enabling patch for Memory Map Version 4.4.0 which
    was released recently, and also the first patch for MM Pocket Navigator.
    The change log for version 4.4.0 is shown below.

    A recap of what the PC patch enables:

    1. Use of pre-2003 OS maps - this previously needed a hex edit to every
    2. Direct printing on any paper size (the OS enforce a limit of A4 or
    thereabouts which could previously only be circumvented by a cumbersome
    Printer driver).
    3. Import of text / NMEA files.
    4. Import / Export of .shp (ESRI Shape) files.
    5. Use of Memory Map API.

    As before, this patch applies to the Windows PC version of the product.

    A couple of people asked if I could produce a patch for the Pocket PC
    version (Pocket Navigator for PPC/PDA). After a lot of research and head
    scratching with a totally alien processor order-code, I have succeeded
    and a PPC patch is now available.

    Notes on the PPC patch:

    1. It enables use of pre-2003 OS maps, just like the PC patch.
    2. The PPC version seems to have just a single check on Pro features,
    which the patch bypasses. I can't give a list of features it enables
    because I really don't know, with one exception:- it does enable the
    Import of NMEA. This was the main feature required by one of our readers
    and he has tested it successfully, allowing him to save a track in NMEA
    and load it directly into MM, all on the PDA without needing access to a
    PC or any conversion utilities.
    3. Not having any portable device, I can't do any testing myself. If
    anyone finds a feature that it enables apart from NMEA Import, let me
    know for interest.

    The PPC patch is included with the PC patch and is available in our
    Downloads section. For those who requested the patch last time, the
    username/password are the same as before. Anyone else who wants them,
    email as below or use the Contact page on our site.

    Changelog:- Changes from MM 2004 OS Edition 4.3.1 to 4.4.0

    Added: Route card templates including D of E Route Submission Form
    Added: USR File import/export for Lowrance/Silva GPS units
    Added: Support for Suunto X9 GPS watch
    Added: Support for Pocket PC hi-res VGA screens
    Revised: CSV file import/export of routes, tracks and text overlays
    Revised: Velocity spike rejection on GPS tracks
    Revised: LOC and GPX file Import/Export
    Revised: Pocket PC Satellites window fix/type
    Fixed: Garmin Quest track import/export
    Fixed: Hotkey press-and-hold on iPaq h4700
    Fixed: Other minor issues



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