Moab 06 trials ride.

Discussion in '' started by Fuego, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. Fuego

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    I know some people were planning one (forrest?) but I forgot the details
    and never got to see if it was settled, since I have been too busy to
    look at the forums lately. SO, I was wondering if somebody could either
    give me the info or maybe just link me to whatever thread talked about

    On another note, it's looking good for my prospects of going, which is
    sweet. Look foreward to seeing you all there.


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  2. Okay, it's an "official" ride, two of 'em, on friday. At 10:00 a
    street/trials ride in town, and at the new Moab skatepark, and then
    later in the afternoon a trials/short muni ride on the practice loop.

    From ''

    > Friday, March 24st:
    > 10 am. For those arriving early enough we will do a city tour ride
    > along the river and spend some time in the cities new skate park.
    > 1:30 pm and for the rest of the afternoon attendees are invited to come
    > to the Slickrock Practice loop for a get-to-know-you and trials
    > demonstration ride. The drive to the Slickrock trailhead from down town
    > Moab is about 10 minutes
, see you there


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  3. paco

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    Today we reached the benchmark of 100 registered riders. Okay, 99,
    since John Foss won't be making it. I still don't think we'll reach
    last year's record, but we'll still have plenty of people to play with.


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