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So I've taken up a new hobby (what with MUni and video editing and
balloon twisting and pennywhistle making, I didn't have enough on my
plate). I'm learning how to author my own DVDs. The problem now is
lack of footage/films. Eventually, I'm going to make my own movies,
but I thought a good project for me to practice on would be to get some
Moab MuniFest videos off the internet (if there are any) and build a
DVD from those.
That's where all of you come in. Does anyone have links to any MMF
videos? I know there's the full-length film that Nick Brazzi? did
called Blood, Sweat, and Wheel, which I never got my hands on, but what
about any other ones? It can be raw footage, finished productions,
anything, and in any format. If I get enough, I'll build a DVD and
donate a copy or five to the Saturday festivities (Santa is bringing me
a DVD burner for Christmas...). This will be much easier and cheaper
to reproduce than a calendar.
I'll see you there!

Edit: So like an idiot, I didn't check closely enough on the Moab
Munifest website. No need to direct me to the site where I should have
checked first. I now know about all of those videos. Does anyone know
of any OTHER videos? Sorry.


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I had a few good clips, but they got lost when our computer crashed.

You'll have to film a bunch at the upcoming MMF...


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